Our Uniqueness,
Your Benefit

We pride ourselves for doing things uniquely here and that's what make us stand out from the rest.


For Our Community

Respect - Precisely Chiropractic North Hobart

Personalised Chiropractic Care

We are experts in tailoring a unique care plan to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Our Chiropractors are sure to look after you the moment you step into the clinic.

HICAPS - Precisely Chiropractic Hobart

HICAPS Claims on the Spot

You don't have to go through a ton of paperwork to claim for this Essential Health Service. We accept most private health insurances. Simply tap your card and that's it.

After Hours and Emergency - Precisely Chiropractic Hobart

Extended Hours & Emergency Care

Working late? We have after hours till 8pm on some days. We are also open on Saturdays. Got an emergency? Just ring us.

Public Transport - Precisely Chiropractic Hobart

Ease of Access

Our clinic is located adjacent to the North Hobart food strip. We are easily accessible via public transport. There are also plenty of FREE spaces to park nearby.


A Comprehensive Approach

We will take a thorough history of your condition, check your spine and posture, pinpoint the exact problematic locations, and report our findings to you. After that, we will inform you of what needs an adjustment, adjust you, and finally we will prescribe relevant post-treatment care plans or rehab exercises if necessary.


Exactly on the Spot

There is no reason to adjust your whole body for which some parts of it is not problematic in the first place. Why "fix" things that aren't broken? That might create an actual problem in return! Surely you might get temporary relief but in the long run, it is in fact unhealthy and dangerous. Could that be the reason why you don't see improvements?

At Precisely Chiropractic, we adjust with specificity and precision. We don't adjust everywhere unnecessarily just to "give value to your visit". Only the affected area gets adjusted. We are here for your long-term goals and we are here for your health, those are very valuable to both you and us.


Unique to Every Body

We also recognise that every body is unique and each of them needs different attention and special care from us. There is just no "one-size fits all" type of adjustment. Through the Gonstead Chiropractic approach, our adjustment can be adapted accordingly to any condition or any type of body.


Just Enough for You

At Precisely Chiropractic, we tailor your care plan according to your current well being, lifestyle, and recovery progress. That ensures that you receive just the right amount of treatment that will put you on the path towards a healthier life.

Your Chiropractor will also advice you on lifestyle, posture, and diet modifications to ensure you gain more from your care here once you step out of the treatment room.


Our Community Matters

Working late? We have extended hours.
Want privacy when booking in? We have Online Bookings.
Posture at work is affecting you? We have solutions.
Have an emergency? Just ring us up.
We are here for you, we are for Hobart's community.

Also in every month, we have various events lined up for you to take advantage of such as special health talks, community engagement days, special discounts, spinal health and posture checks, and many more! Follow our social media pages to keep up.

Our goals are simple: To understand your condition and to improve your Quality of Life.

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